Welcome to the web site of the Norfolk branch of the Master Ding  Academy. Here in Norfolk we pride ourselves on an open friendly approach to the Art of Tai chi and have six tutors all offering classes. For those of you with a little more experience, and as you progress,  the opportunity arises to attend the Thursday Class for intermediate students and advanced students under the direction of Cos Stephanides further to travel to London and be introduced and spend time with Sifu John Ding. The level of instruction here in Norfolk is top class with constant reference back to our Sifu and a compassionate and clear approach to the teachings and students. 

                                        Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan (better known as Tai Chi) is an ancient Chinese form of co-ordinated body movements, focusing on cultivation of internal energy (called Chi). It aims to harmonise mind, body & spirit, promoting mental & physical well being through softness & relaxation. It is also an effective system of self defence.

When practised correctly, the Tai Chi movements (or Form) seem rhythmical & effortless, forming a continual flow. Unlike most sports & forms of exercise, Tai Chi Chuan does not rely on strength or speed, making it ideal for people of both sexes, young & old. It is truly a unique art.

Value to Health

With a small amount of practice, Tai Chi will:

relax & revitalise mind & body, helping you to combat the stress of modern life.

Gently tone & strengthen muscles

improve balance & posture

build self-confidence & tolerance

ease medical conditions, such as respiratory, cardiovascular & digestive disorders.

Tai Chi Chuan & Self Defence

Often viewed simply as ‘meditation in motion’ or a gentle form of exercise, there have been many misconceptions about the practical use of Tai Chi Chuan for self defence. This is a mistaken view- each movement in the Tai Chi Form has a logical application in combat. It is a very potent & effective martial art system Developing skill in Tai Chi self defence requires dedication & persistent correct practice but unlike other martial arts is not restricted by your sex, size, strength or speed. This is because Tai Chi focuses on developing Chi (internal energy). At a high level, Tai Chi Chuan simultaneously achieves the apparent paradox of effortlessness & tremendous power. The subtlety of such skill cannot be adequately described – only felt. Many Martial Arts attempt to transcend the physical but few achieve it.

Tai Chi is a very subtle art in which detail is vital. it must be taught properly, otherwise its essence will be lost. We are proud here in Norfolk to be students of Master John Ding and to offer the highest level tuition with constant reference back and ongoing tuition from Master John Ding maintaining the highest standards and transmission.


Beginners are instructed in the Tai Chi Form, basic self-defence applications and Chi Kung. More advanced students progress to Push Hands, Broadsword, Sword & Spear Techniques, San Sau, Tai Chi Fast Form etc.

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