Exchanging Hands (Tui Shou)

Tui Shou which is translated as push hands (I prefer exchanging fits better with its flavour) is a fluid, rhythmical set of hand and body movements performed between two people together. It emphasises the application of chi, rather than its cultivation and movement with in the body. Tui Shou is based on Tai chi forms drawing from many of the movements and postures. Hence, those principles and concepts found within the forms can be extended to Tui Shou. as such thier are many parallels that can be drawn between them. both are fluid in action, stablity of stance and solidity of structure. However Tui Shou requires you to work in cooperation with someone else so that you can gain experience of putting Tai Chi principles into action – something that cannot be done with the form alone. Tui Shou  is applied Tai Chi Chuan.

Tui Shou is only taught when the student has some understanding of ther form and is comfortable with the flow of energy and the principles and concepts. There are many types of Tui Shou from a single handed sequence to a full length two-person set. Each type has a function and teaches something unique. It is thus a process that encourages and reinforces the persistent and correct practise of Tai Chi Chuan.

Through regular practise one develops a sensitivity and receptive touch to your partner or whomever you are working with which can be applied in self defence or for healing. one slowly acquires the ability to project energy and anticipate your partners movements.

the energies associated with Tui Shou are as follows:-

  • Teng Geng (listening energy)  the ability to fell the direction of incoming force on contact
  • Nien Geng (adhering energy) the ability to stick with your partner
  • Far Geng (neutralizing energy) the ability to neutralize and incoming force
  • Fa Geng (explosive force) the ability to project your Chi and throw your partner away

However, using these energies is not restricted to Tui Shou alone, but in fact has a much wider implication. Integrating the various forms of energies, or Geng Likk, creates a potent form of martial art that contains with it a powerful force that is also sensitive to the opponent. This is Tai Chi Chuan self-defence. Tui Shou then, is a method that is multi-layered, whose essence is to develop the application of  Chi so that it can be used for self-defence or healing.

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