Private lessons

                     Little Gompa

Perhaps you prefer one to one tuition, or for some students once a month they pop in for a private lesson to go over or explore certain ideas in depth. this can be  form practise,  Gi Gong or to further  discuss ideas and aspects of practise.

Private tuition offers the student the opportunity to have an hour or more of time with the senior tutor here in Norfolk Cos  Stephanides  in the privacy of the  purpose built Little Gompa. A beautiful studio space with a peaceful ambience and conducive atmposphere for study and application.

Dynamic push hands and advanced Gi Gong are also taught to senior students privately as well as self defence techniques and advanced meditation.

learning authentic Tai Chi Chuan is not easy. it needs lots of dedication, perserverance and regular practise under constant guidance of a knowledgeable master/teacher to achieve a high level. Tai Chi is a very subtle art in which detail is vital. it must be taught properly, otherwise its essence will be lost. We are proud here in Norfolk to be students of Master John Ding and to offer the highest level tuition with constant reference back and on-going tuition from Master John Ding maintaining the highest standards and transmission

At present private lessons are avaialble on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, and during the day on fridays.

please call to check available slots.

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