Tai chi Sword  (Gin)

The Sword form never fails to inspire Tai Chi practitioners both to practise and observe.Its dramatic leaps and bounds with sweeping turns – and shining blade cutting through the air – captures the attention of young and old alike.

Tai Chi sword is a subset of Tai Chi Chuan and is based on the same principles of relaxation,yeilding and the use of softness to overcome force. Tai Chi Sword also continues the unique exploration of the mind-body focus and holds many powerful lessons for Tai Chi Chuan Students. The form builds upon the principles established in the Yang long form and introduces the student to the idea of connecting with an inanimate object and thus further projecting ones chi.

The insight of the gifted swordsperson, the correct attitude, and the achievement of a high level of skill are the same today as in days of old. Though the swords martial use has of course been superseeded by todays weaponary, the artistry as well as the mental and physical doscipline are timeless. True ability is transcedent, blending a universal awareness with earthly application.

Here at MDA Norwich branch Energy Works we teach the Yang traditional sword form as taught by Sifu Ding and the special form developed by Grandmasdter Ip and passed down to Master John Ding.

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